About us

Our history and values

Perspectives is a publication of Democratic Left Scotland (DLS). It started life as a printed magazine in the autumn of 2002. By the time the National Council of DLS decided to discontinue regular publication in the spring/summer of 2015, a total of 41 issues had appeared. A further special issue was produced in June 2016, just before the UK-wide EU referendum. All 42 issues will be made available in pdf format on this website for free download.

Like DLS as a whole, Perspectives grew out of the socialist, feminist and green traditions. Our approach to politics and ideas about society is based on three core pairs of values: freedom/democracy, equality/fairness and community/solidarity. We are aligned with no political party and believe that no single thinker, organisation or school of thought has a monopoly of wisdom, truth, virtue or good judgment.

Our publishing code and aims

We welcome innovation and controversy, but deplore dogma, prejudice and sectarianism and will provide no platform for sloganising, invective or abuse. We expect our contributors, when criticising the views of others, to do so with respect. We also insist on reasoned argument, supported – where necessary – by relevant evidence, with no bullshit, leaps of logic or wishful thinking.

Our editorial team aims to maintain a regular flow of articles, reviews and other features, including satire, fiction and poetry, as well as interviews, debates and letters. To this end, we invite contributors (all unpaid) to analyse and comment on current events; to ponder the significance of cultural developments and trends; and to engage with the central problems of purpose, direction, strategy and policy facing the progressive left, whether in Scotland, the UK or the wider world.

Guidelines for contributors

Articles should not normally exceed 2,000 words in length and should be written in clear, succinct and lively prose, with sources given for all quotations and references.

Everything we publish will appear under the author's name, unless the editor is persuaded that there are good reasons for withholding it.

Material or proposals for publication should be submitted to the editor at the email address below. All submissions will be read by a member of the editorial team, who may return it with suggestions for revision or amendment. In all cases, the editor's decision is final.

Prospective contributors will receive a detailed style guide, which they should read and follow with care.

How to contact us

E-mail us at:

Democratic Left Scotland, 9 Macaulay Street, Dundee, DD3 6JT.